AI powered insurance premium audits

Arcimus is your AI partner to optimize your premium audit operations

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How do we work ?


Automatic data entry

We automate all data entry tasks from entering in payroll, subcontractors, 941's and more.

Auditors will never waste time on mindlessly punching in numbers


Document collection

We use AI to both detect what documents are missing and request those documents from the insured.

Auditors will not have to constantly comb through documents and follow up with insureds.



We automate the mundane parts of an audit, from verifying Certificate of insurances to automatically checking if 941's and payroll match + many more.

We enable auditors to only focus on the deeply analytical parts of the audit.


Our founding team consists of people who were both premium auditors and software engineers at meta, salesforce and amazon.

Hussein Syed

Co-Founder, Ex Premium Auditor, Ex Software Engineer at Meta and Amazon

Omar Dadabhoy

Co-Founder, Ex Premium Auditor, Ex Software Engineer at Salesforce


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